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     Guadalupe River Flow
Real-Time Flow Rates & Safe Wading Conditions

Canyon Dam Level and Release Rate

Canyon Dam Release Rate

The conservation level of canyon lake is 909 ft. Generally speaking, the higher above the conservation level, the faster the water will be let out of the dam. Conversely, the further below the conservation level, the slower it will be released.

GRTU has negotiated a deal with the GRBA where the water will not be released lower than 200 CFS during the summer months. This minimum flow rate is required to keep the water cold enough for the trout to survive during the hot summer months. A CFS or cubic feet per second, is the rate at which the river is flowing.

The release rate is usually just under the river flow rate. Why? Because the river picks up speed as springs introduce water into the river.

Real-Time River Flow & Lake Level Measurements

*Sattler, TX: Guadalupe Flow Rate
Flow rate of the Lower Guadalupe river measured near Sattler, Texas at the 4th crossing. This is the station typically referenced for the Lower Guad flow rate.

Spring Branch, TX: Guadalupe Flow
Flow rate of the Upper Guadalupe river flowing into Canyon Lake measured near Spring Branch, Texas.

COE Lake Level & River Flow
Current level of Canyon Lake and rate of water being released from Canyon dam. Reported in GMT which is 5 hours ahead of Central Time. Click here for an explanation.

Canyon Lake Dam: Lake Level
Graph of the level of Canyon Lake from the USGS website. Good for predicting when the water level will hit 909 ft.

Canyon Lake Dam: Dam Discharge Rate
A more detailed look at Canyon Lake level, release and air temperature at the USCOE Fort Worth Reservoir Control Office website.

New Braunfels, TX: Guadalupe Flow Rate
Flow rate of the Guadalupe River before it combines with the Comal. Good for predicting when the gate will be opened due to downstream flooding.

Safe Wading Conditions
It is safe to wade when the flow rate is less than 500 CFS. Wading is not advised above 500 CFS.

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